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You can stroll among the different colored rose bushes, smell the scents, and chat quietly.Guns is a gritty and dramatic mini-series that tells the story of four families caught up in illegal gun trafficking and the ripple effect this has on their lives. See full summary » Following the death of her father, a teenage Dot moves into the home of her godparents and their teenage daughter Nina.In What The Peeper Saw (1971) A widowed wealthy writer (Paul Hardy) remarries, after his first wife dies in a mysterious bathtub accident and his 2nd wife (Britt Ekland) becomes concerned for her 12-year old's stepson's (Mark Lester) whom takes a sexual interest in her and his abnormal behavior and she suspects that his mother's death was no accident and that her stepson may had murdered her.

It's hard to concentrate on the person in front of me when there is so much stimuli around me.Dot arrives wrapped up in the silence of being deaf-mute.She finds a different kind of silence waiting for her in her new home, for this home is a place with a dark secret involving Nina and her father. However, they gradually realize how much they have in common.Bringing them together catalyzes a series of events in which both reveal their secrets and shed their double lives. Yet they find hope for the future in the quiet after the storm.The psychological thriller What The Peeper Saw (1972) has been considered by some to be a major influence behind The Quiet (2005).

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