Gentoo kde updating system

What this means is that you build all of the software that you will use directly from the "Source Code" - Source Code is what developers create and modify, mostly comprised of text files, however, computers don't understand Source Code.

If I ever decide to overcome my laziness 🙂 Take it easy with this post, it’s a bit lengthy, but to quote Blaise Pascal: ““.Last time I installed Gentoo it was fairly quick- started in the evening, done in the morning. Gentoo is a great distro in a lot of ways, amigo, and well worth the effort if you really want an optimized system. First time last week it took me 2 days but then I found out I want to repartition the disc so I installed again yesterday in around 12 hours (mostly compiling).But its still far from being custiomized and I only have a few basic programs.However it was nice to learn some stuff again, thats why I wanted to do it (I had a lot of free time after exams :)). First, stage1 or 2 are now unsupported, so you are doing it on your own.I think you should not use stage1 or 2, not because they are unsupported but because gentoo installer ins't best thing that could happen to you, and you can always install stage3, and then do a emerge -e system if you want everything to me compiled.

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