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"They weren't the popular kids at school," said Brotherton.

"They weren't the jocks at college and they weren't picking up girls all the time.

30 miles (48 km) from Downtown Los Angeles, Simi Valley is part of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

The city sits next to Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, and Los Angeles.

Executive Matchmakers is her latest venture, and at only four months old, the fledgling business has already worked its magic for executives at Google and Facebook, as well as former politicians.

Those prominent clients pay well for Brotherton and Bruquen’s expertise.

You imagine that life is good for a Google executive. He owns a big house or a stylish penthouse apartment. That guy can’t possibly have trouble finding a date, right? The website recently sat down with Charlee Brotherton, founder and CEO of Executive Matchmakers, and Megan Buquen, the company’s Vice President, for a peek behind the curtain.

He regularly takes vacations and buys from big-name brands.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where the former president was buried in 2004, is in Simi Valley.For anyone who's spent even two minutes on a dating website or app, you know there are three things synonymous to every female's profile: A. It would almost seem more relevant for someone to post: "I am a homebody, I prefer bland, redundant meals, and want to go to the bone zone 24/7 with whomever messages me." Now THAT would be a revelation! Is not here for a hookup Without a doubt, we are living in a golden age of travel ease, inventive cooking, and quick hookups.I, for one, suggest that people stop saying A, B, C, and just move on to things that mean something.Recently, I had a recruiter reach out to me about a position to be the Chief Content Officer of a new dating app.

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